5 worthy investments for Indians planning to retire rich

5 Worthy investment options for Indians

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Retirement planning is the most crucial financial step in anybody’s life and should never be taken lightly. Here we have listed for you 5 of the top places to invest during your heydays so that you can retire like a King.

LIC retirement plans

Sure they may not be the best investment options as per many experts, but surely they are safe and secure. Nothing can match the security and guarantee as the LIC of India. This government backed venture is the biggest investor in the stock markets and won’t let you down when it comes to delivering on promise. For the people who want to ensure they get good return should plan early and start investing soon. The secure means of getting assured returns here make people put their trust in LIC for years now.


These are relatively new in the market and been a staple for the generation X as they are known as today. Systematic investment plan help you to achieve your dreams in the time to come. They help you attain the level of financial freedom and prosperity by means of which you will be able to make retirement a successful and tension free affair. SIP is designed with mind the particular person in question and his/her financial status. Continuous investment will give you a pool with net asset value going up as per the market and investment strategy of that fund.

Gold and realty

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This one is not for everyone as realty is expensive and gold is good only in investment form not jewelry. Still gold is always a good investment option for anyone. Mostly people from the southern part of India who prefer to own lots of gold realize that the yellow metal has maintained a certain level of price over the time. It acts as a certain hedge against the equity volatility and thus gives your retirement portfolio strength against any uncertain scenario. Realty is important as it never loses value due to limited supply. Any property you invest in today with available money can certainly give good value when you retire. The least you can do is use it as your own residence.

Bank savings, RD, PPF and EPF

Most underrated option ever for retirement is recurring deposit opened with banks or post office. It is a really worth option and you should certainly check it out. Normal fixed deposits, though have lost some interest rate recently, still holds strong when it comes to providing decent returns and safety. The best part is that you can decide the tenure and take the money out even before the term, if the need be. EPF and PPF are also reliable source with better return than FDs but the only issue seems to be the lock in period which is recently increased.

Equity market

Risky but still has its own benefits. Long term returns in the equity market for the better scrip is certainly worth a shot. People who do not find it worth may skip it but you cannot ignore the fact that this is most liquid option and can be maneuvered around as well. Always opt for the various options to create a fund pool that will match your lifestyle in the later part of life.

These are our tips for Indians planning to retire rich. Do let us know your thoughts on the article via the comments section.

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