How to get through the day and save money?

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On a daily basis, you go around spending money on things which you did not need in the first place. You think you may be a responsible person and save money and you do not spend money on unnecessary things. Ask yourself, how many times do you take your car to the office? How many times do you drink coffee from a lavish coffee store? How many times do you buy lunch? Here are some easy money saving tips to help you get through the day.

Make your own Tea or Coffee

Spending around Rs. 15 to 30 on a small cup of Tea or Rs. 50 on a cup of coffee is unnecessary. Rather, you can make your own tea or coffee at home and save money. It will cost you only a fraction of the cost. You can buy a tea packet for less than Rupees 50 and can use it for a week. Also, you can decide how much sugar you want in it without having to pay extra!

Take a bus ride to office

Instead of going in a car and spending on petrol, I would suggest you to take the bus ride to office. Taking the bus ride helps not only save money, but also socialize with new people and may be meet someone! If you are concerned about bus timings, you can go carpooling or share a ride with your colleague. This way you will not only save money, but also help you make some work buddies.

Make your own Lunch

If you buy lunch everyday at office, you must be spending around 70 to 80 Rupees on it. If you make your own lunch box, you can prepare your meal at one quarter of the cost. This way you save money and also you get to choose what goes in your lunch box. If this sounds impractical, remember that its not impossible to wake up a little early and cook. This will give you immense satisfaction too.

Eliminate Newspapers and magazines

Buying newspapers and magazines result in a lot of expenses. I will suggest you to eliminate newspapers and magazines which you do not get time to read. You might be reading only a few sections and most of them is left unread. If you still want to buy magazines, you can get a digital subscription of any magazine for half the cost of a hard copy. Same goes for the newspapers. You not only save money, but also you save the environment, thus contributing to overall good of humankind.

Final Words – Save Money

It is fine, if you want to buy special tea or coffee from a lavish coffee shop or take your car to office once in a while. You can keep these activities as incentives to keep you motivated in your money saving journey. For more money saving tips, you can read article Money Saving Tips: Where can I begin? If you want to teach your children to save money, you can read the article How to teach Children to save money?

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