How to save money as a student?

how to save money as a student

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As students, with most of them dependent on their parents, thinking about saving money is a significant first step of being mature. It is difficult to save money as a student but not impossible to do so. Not all students get scholarships to study. So, students need to know how to save money as a student. Here are some ways in which you can save money while you study.

Used Books

As a student, some expense goes towards buying new books for the course. Some books can cost thousands of rupees. Before making a decision to buy new books for studying, ask your seniors if they can sell you their used books. Second hand books will cost you half the market price.

Cook your own food

Most of the students I have met buy food from canteen. Sometimes the food prepared outside is not healthy and is expensive. You are in no control of the ingredients. Adulteration is another issue which can lead to food poisoning. It is safe therefore to invest in a small cookbook and make your own food. Believe me, you will save a lot.

Use public transport

There is an urge among the young to ride motorbikes and cars as soon as they turn to legal age. Even before you start earning your own money, you will be burning your parents’ money. Public transport is cheap and is safe to use. Save money by using public transport.

Student discounts

As a student, you have ample opportunities to get discounts. If you go to a library and show your student ID, you will get concession in your library fee. You can travel public transport at one fourths the cost of a full ticket. You can get inexpensive food at some places. You can also get cheap accommodation if you are studying away from your home. If you want to buy software (for example TTS, Animation, design, etc.) which is useful for your course, you can get student discount.

Save on stationery

Students almost do not keep a track on the amount of stationery they use. Pens, pencils, erasers, etc. might not be costly when buying singly. But, if you find out the total cost during your entire course tenure, you will be surprised to see it touching 4 figures. Keep a track on the use of stationery items. Same goes for printing and photocopying. Since there is competition, you can get photocopies of notes for cheap if you find a good store and talk with the owner.

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Avoid unnecessary outings

In peer pressure, a student spends a lot on outings and partying. Get a strong spine and say NO to such frivolous expense. With that money you probably can purchase food for many days.

Say NO to impulsive buying

For this you need a strong willpower to drive out temptations. Avoid visiting shopping malls or pricey stores. All that glamor and luxury is superficial. Do not waste your money to satisfy your peers’ eyes. Say NO to impulsive buying.

To get or not to get a job

As a student, your long term goal must be to become ‘skilled’. If you spend your important study hours for small amounts as remuneration, it is not worth it as you will still be ‘unskilled’.

If it is really hard to make ends meet while studying, then only I will suggest working while studying. There are some University and courses with ‘Earn while you learn’ schemes’ which you can enroll into.

Conclusion-How to save money as a student

If you are searching for information on how to save money as a student, the above tips can come as handy. Most of the ways concentrate on one’s self control and willpower to save money in the first place. Most tips are universal and not restricted to one country. Saving money as a student is a sign of maturity.

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