How to teach children the value of money?

Teach your children the value of money

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When it comes to teach children the value of money, it is really important to explain to them how money works. Children are innocent and they must be handled with love and kindness. You must teach them how every rupee is important. It takes a lot of hard work to bring that money home. So it becomes necessary to tell them. By doing simple things, you can educate the children about money.

Make a rule regarding lights

Power bills take a major chunk of your salary or income. Simply put, the more the power bills, the more it takes a toll on your savings. Teaching children to switch off the lights before leaving a room is a good idea. This rule also can be applied for ceiling fans. Try this for a month and see the difference in your electricity bills. You can also invest on power saving lights and electrical equipment to save on your power bills.

Make a rule regarding water usage

Children need to be educated on the usage of water. This will save your water bills. You will also be helping the environment. If you yourself waste water, you need to practice what you preach. Children will learn from you as they consider you as their role models. So, this rule of water usage must be applied for all members of the family, irrespective of their age.

Teach your children Gardening

A part of salary goes in buying vegetables and fruits. Teaching children to grow trees and vegetables is a good thing to do. Not just because you want to save on your vegetable costs. It also helps them the value of growing and nurturing a sapling in to a tree. Also the fruits will taste better to them if they know that they had a hand in the tree’s growth.

Sell old stuff on eBay or OLX

Children outgrow their clothes, stop playing with their toys, etc. What do you do with this stuff? Probably throw away? So, here is an idea to teach your children to learn practically the value of money. By earning money of course! Garage sale is one idea which has not yet taken ground in India. Sites like eBay and OLX are good for selling old clothes, toys, etc for money. Children can then save that money and buy some new things for school, thus reducing some burden on your bank account.

Teach your children to eat healthy

Some parents take an easy route to make their children happy. Giving them money to eat junk food is one such route. It is wastage of money. Teach your children to each healthy and exercise. This will save your money on medicines and treatment you need to do after the damage is done. Teach your children that spending money on good and healthy food is the right thing to do. Make them realize the adverse effects of unhealthy eating.

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Final Words – Teach children the value of money

There is no hard and fast rule to follow in order to teach children the value of money. Children are fast learners and they learn by example. You can use the tips I mentioned in order to teach children the value of money. You can read How to teach Children to save money? for some tips on teaching children to save money. If you want to add your thoughts, you can do it freely via the comments section below.




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