How to live frugally and save money?

how to live frugally and save money

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First of all, I want to congratulate you for deciding to live your life frugally. You have decided to save a lot of money over the course of your lifetime. Of course, frugal does not mean cheap, it however means ‘economical’. Some websites recommend readers to skip meals and skip visiting doctors when ill to save money. That will be a strict no from my side. Eat well, live healthy and always take a medical professional’s help when you are ill. So, Here I am going to tell you how to live frugally and save money which will get you started.

Stop listening to people

top 5 tips for frugal living in 2018

The other day one of my friends was talking to me about the choice of my shoes. He said that the shoes I wore were looking like a local unbranded pair. I ignored him. I said to myself, “Shoes are meant to protect feet and mine are doing their job well. So why should I fire my shoes?” People around you will tell you a lot of things. Your friends, your work colleagues, the TV at your home, people on social media will suggest you lot many things. They will tell you that the type of life you are living is not updated. This will only make you unhappy if you listen to them. So stop listening to them and live your life however you want to, not a dictated one. This will help you save a lot of money.

Simplify your needs

top 5 tips for frugal living in 2018

If you want to go frugal, you have to do this first. Simplify your needs. Make a clear distinction between your needs and you wants. One can find happiness in simple and minimalist life. Learn to say ‘no’ to luxury. Find happiness in small things. Own less of things which require regular payments, for eg. your cable TV. You do not need to throw a big lavish party to the entire town to be happy. You can make a good meal for you and your loved ones and be happy. Eventually, you will see that your savings grow automatically as you simplify your life and your needs.

Do meal planning

top 5 frugal living tips for 2018

Some frugal enthusiasts suggest buying foodstuffs in bulk to get discounts. That is one way to save money. But I will suggest you to buy as much as you need for one week. Many people spend a lot of money on food and excessive food gets thrown away. So I would say DO NOT throw away anything.

You can plant some vegetables and fruit trees in your backyard. This is a good habit if you have a good enough space in your backyard. When the vegetables and fruits grow, you can reduce your food bills.

Check your refrigerator. Also look in your kitchen. Note down the items to be purchased and buy only what is needed.

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When serving food, make sure that take in little portions. Once the food in the plate is over and you are still hungry, put more food on the plate. This small thing ensures no wastage.

If there are leftovers, they can be eaten later by reheating them. Google for some recipe ideas to use make those leftovers into tasty delightful dishes.

Do not eat junk food as it is unhealthy and not worth your hard earned money. It kills you slowly. Better make your own food at home.

Drive less, walk more

top 5 tips for frugal living in 2018

I had this habit of driving my car to even places at a stone’s throw distance. The grocer’s shop just within radius of half a mile, but I required my car to go there. Soon I realized that I am wasting money. I am spoiling myself and making sure I live less. So I started walking to nearby places. The joy was immense. I feel fresh now. I feel better and I have cut down on my car fuel cost.


top 5 tips for frugal living in 2018

If there are things lying around in your home which you do not need, you must sell those things online. Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions to magazines. Some things which require regular maintenance like that motorbike which no one rides or that Cooler which is 10 years old or that CRT Television you kept as a remembrance of your childhood. So, If you can get rid of these things, you will save a good amount of money every month.

The following Infographic shows tips on how to live frugally and save money which is easy to understand. You can use it in your blog or website for free but do not forget to give credits to

Frugal living ideas

Final Thoughts – How to live frugally and save money?

There are many people who are deeply materialistic but are unhappy. Minimalism indeed brings a sense of satisfaction and joy of seeing your bank balance increasing every month. Going frugal is the best way to save money, invest it in good places and accrue wealth. Understand how to live frugally and save money to live a peaceful life.

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