8 Travel tips to save money

8 Travel Tips to Save Money

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Traveling is a necessity. Sometimes it can be fun too. But when you see your pockets getting empty at a fast rate, you will naturally feel worried. Traveling can be smart if you can save some money while doing so. Traveling to some place near or an exotic location can be done economically if you follow some tips. Here in this article I will tell you some Travel tips to save money.

Plan your travel in advance

If you are traveling to a far away place in your own country or an exotic location, make sure you plan before hand, At least a month before. This will help you get cheaper flight tickets to your destination. You can also get a good hotel room at a lower rate if you book a month before. If you are traveling around India by train it is a good idea to book tickets well in advance for getting a confirmed ticket.

Book Tickets directly from the company’s website

Booking flight tickets directly from the company’s website will get you direct ticket prices without the middlemen cost. You can also earn miles on Frequent fliers if you stick to a company. The miles earned can be used for traveling or for upgrades. The company can also delight you by giving you offers for your loyalty. There are other advantages like reservation, cancellation and refunds without the need of an agent.

Get a Travelers Card

If you are traveling abroad make sure you get yourself a Travelers Card or Travel Money Card as it is a secure way of buying foreign currency or currencies and taking it overseas. This is better than exchanging your money at the airport or a Foreign exchange center in that country. You will end up paying more money as fees.

Do not eat at airports

Airport food is mostly junk food. It is not healthy and is overpriced. I would recommend you carry some snacks with you so that you can eat when you feel hungry during your wait at the airports. This will help you save money. Carry some food with you from home.

Use Public Transport for traveling locally

When you are in a land which is new to you, you must consider traveling by public transport. If you hire a taxi, you will end up paying more and also its not safe. Sometimes you can get into a bad situation abroad. Many cities around the world have a good public transport which is cheap and safe to use.

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Negotiate a monthly room rate with the owner

If you are planning to stay for a longer period in a city, you can negotiate a monthly room rate with the owner rather than a daily rate. In this way you will end up saving a lot of money because you will be getting the room for less fee.

Hunt for a cafe or a restaurant to get freebies

When you land in the foreign country, you can hunt for a cafe or a restaurant where you can get free WiFi, toilet facility, as you don’t have to pay for that. Make sure you order something to eat, at least a  cup of coffee. You can ask help of the locals in searching for a good restaurant in your budget.

Go shopping at Government recognized stores

In some places, there are shopping centers recognized by the Government where the prices are displayed on a rate chart for the products sold. You will be spending the correct amount of money here rather than going to vendors who can rip you off.

Final Thoughts- Travel tips to save money

Traveling can be expensive, but if planned smartly you can save a lot of money. In the above Travel tips to save money, you have read some hacks and tricks to smart travel. If you implement them, you will definitely travel economically and peacefully.


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